Iron & Cobalt

by mariusninja

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Iron & Cobalt fueling up:
Plucked textures on intricately arpeggiated melody lines
puffing along like a magic freight train
through uncharted territories of an inner dream.

When we suddenly arrive at the unknown rainbow destiny
the majestic beauty of it all swells around us,
sonically unfolding to the heartbeat of an inner gaze.

Hungry for more, Ninja puts the train back on track
Thick synthesized backdrops invigorates
the enthusiastically affectionate drummer.

As the soulful woodwind and euphoric choir chants in,
the parade gets even denser.
Dancing on deeply emotional roots of joy,
as the train aims for the infinite realms of this inner dream.

Then in the midst of the cheerful stampede
the masters of dreams silently declaim that it is time to slowly fade back
Mystical anticipation is the true mother of all inspiration.
Now slowly awake to find another beautiful day before you.

Iron & Cobalt is the fourth fireworks from mariusninjas eruption of emotional orchestrated hymns. Participate for joyful inspiration in life.


released February 11, 2019

all by mariusninja, featuring
einar stray on prepped upright piano
simen sandbæk skari on analogue systems french connection and mini moog
jon hagevik on saxophone
prunk möbel on poetic reactions
& euforisk on publishing


all rights reserved




fristil lydbrikolasjer fra hjerterota ♡ løftet fram og presentert av euforisk krew

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