Vincent Van Gogh

by Rogg

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Rogg - Vincent Van Gogh

I have been listening to Rogg´s petite electronic prelude almost every day now for a couple of months. As it has been commented by others on Rogg´s soundcloud page, this hommage piece to the notoriously famous painter Vincent van Gogh, has something deeply melancholic at the root of its composition. At the same time it inherits to me a profound awakening force as it gains momentum - out of the cocoon and into to the air.
As if the piece itself assembles healing powers released when the individual, the ecological and the cosmological bodies reconnect their balance. A sort of thing that happens when learning someone broken to walk again. Sewing their severed ear back onto the fleshwound hole at the side of their head.

The piece reminds me of the majestically orchestrated compositions of Susumu Hirasawa, and in particular the soundtrack for the science fiction psychological anime thriller Paprika (2006). And at the same time, as so many times before with Rogg´s electronic compositions, it is also pointing backwards in music history to the dreamy orientalist palette of Claude Debussy. Brilliantly and quite delicately (deliberatly, or not) Rogg sort of taps into the same stream that followed in the wake of the re-opening of Japanese and Western trade in 1853, re-marrying the East with the West, giving its birth to European impressionism. Doing this now - as a hommage to the impressionist per se, van Gogh - through a modern digitally electronic diy format, Rogg gives the composition a sort of mythical heterotopical entity in its balance between future, present and past; history and myth; the physiological and psychological; between the reign of reality and the reign of dreams; the broken and the healed. Repainting the sad but so inspiring story of the tormented un-famous and heartbroken man, that in solitary created some of the most influential art-pieces of modernity, in what must have been a desperate personal quest to regain sanity.

Vincent van Gogh sadly did not experience the wounded healer effect his pieces has had on the collective consciousness of the patriarchally oppressed West during his own lifetime. Unable in physical life to regain control over the complexes in his personal process of individuation, some say he ended his own life. But the development of wholeness - what Jung terms as one´s organism´s fullest potential - did not stop with the Western idea of death for van Gogh.

With this little hommage to the broken but still collectively healing persona of van Gogh, this is what Rogg reminds us of.
As if he wants to give back to both van Gogh, himself, the listener, and the joint collective they form, the gentle touch of a caretaker.
Comfortingly energetic and uplifting in its broad, dreamy and gentle strokes upon melancholic timbres.

My favourite part being the ending of the composition, when a short sample reminiscent of the fumbling sounds of a tape recorded being turned of, somehow places the dream reflection in everyday reality.

In this way, in only 5 and a half minutes, Rogg brings to me a taste of a re-connected ancestral universe of creation in miniature, as it touches upon our shared wounds of the collective unconscious, through an everyday mandala of music. A remedy highly recommended, both for the modern creative individual, and our shared society.

Reflection by Prunk Möbel,
beneath the gibbous moon of the spring equinox 2019.


released March 15, 2019

All by Rogg
Published by Euforisk 2019


all rights reserved



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